Why Becoming Candidate Centric Is The Way Forward

Why Becoming Candidate Centric Is The Way Forward

For most companies valuing customers has become second nature. They’ll invest time and effort in customer experience; but it seems many companies are lagging behind when it comes to candidates.

We’ve all heard the saying “the customer is always right” which was popularized over a 100 years ago by Henry Selfridge. The message is a No-Brainer, Right? We all know by now that it pays off to value our customers, so why have companies stopped there? Wouldn’t it make sense to approach candidate experiences with the same level of consideration?

Well yeah, yet they don’t? At a recent data analytics event, Rullion found that only 3% of those asked use ‘quality of candidate experience’ as a recruiting metric.

It’s recently been discovered that most candidates would stop using a company’s services, if they felt they’d had a negative candidate experience. So, it’s not only candidates at stake, it’s also the company’s customers.

Digital analyst, author and customer experience expert Brian Solis emphasised that as the digital world has shifted away from customer centricity, leading brands are creating powerful experiences to help them get it back.

Great customer experience and a great candidate experience overlap, so here are some tips to creating a candidate experience that really helps you to reach candidate centricity.

Becoming Candidate Centric

Firstly, we need to take a look at the current problem: most brands don’t value candidate experience as much as they should.

You can’t be know for sure that your candidates will always be the right fit, but there are a some things you can do: your candidates have taken time out of their day to engage with you, and just like your customers, they’ve chosen you over a long list of others.

When you’re on the recruitment side of the process, it’s easy to forget the gravity of job hunting. Your candidates are real people, dealing with life decisions! Nobody wants the process to be any more stressful than necessary; candidates will run in the opposite direction if you make the application process more difficult for them. Likewise, nobody wants to wait weeks and weeks for feedback. It’s not a good look!

You should aim to produce a candidate experience that make candidates feel comfortable (and even enthusiastic) about completing and recommend the experience to others, or even apply again in future.

Without an enjoyable candidate experience, the goal become tougher to reach. It’s in your own interest to ensure that candidates are guided along the process with consideration, assistance and ease.

Creating Candidate Experience

I wonder how many companies have thought about mapping their candidate experience like they would for customer experience?

Mapping your candidate’s journey enables you to really showcase the essence of your company and ensure that your candidates keep moving further along the process, instead of further away.

Essential elements of candidate experience mapping are …


How does the candidate feel?  Just like a customer, it’s important to identify how your candidates will feel every step of the way.


What are the candidates thinking? You should be helping them through their journey by keeping in touch and letting them know how far along they are. Candidates shouldn’t be left to wonder or chase you for feedback.

Do your talent attraction techniques align with your candidate’s journey? creating a candidate experience that provides your candidates with accurate, honest information and clarity on their role will avoid failing to meet their expectations later down the line.


How smooth is your candidate experience? It’s not worth risking the loss of high-quality candidates because your application process put them off.

Place yourself in your candidate’s shoes. If you wouldn’t be happy filling in the application, the chances are, they won’t be either. If unsuccessful candidates found the application process comfortable, they’re far more likely to reapply in future.


The candidate experience must be memorable. I.e. leaving a lasting impression that they will think about afterwards. The journey doesn’t stop straight after an application, or an interview. A high-quality candidate experience shows candidates some consideration afterwards. People will always appreciate the small, unexpected acts of kindness.

So, thank candidates and maybe even take the time to reach out to them on social media? You’ll be amazed by difference it’ll make!

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